New Look!

After a long time using WordPress’ default picture, we came up with a new look.

The reason behind the new and original look is that we plan to restructure our business to meet the needs of the modern eMerchant, but also delve into the possibilities of cloud computing.

Our strong focus on mathematics (after all Mr. Blank has a Ph.D. in math!) makes us feel that supercomputing and parallel computing are no longer only restricted to big institutions but may as well be used even by individuals and small businesses. Cloud computing gives the option to call upon gigantic clusters instantiated on demand with only little installation and initializion overhead. After all, affordable supercomputing may be a great advantage to small companies, that aren’t so sure about whether to invest a lot into numerical analysis of their products.

We are also updating our portfolio and our track record. You might want to contact us if you feel like you could need some advise and / or software enginieering.

Take care and have fun!

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