New Software – Mule ESB

We have worked very hard to proudly present our skills on Mule ESB ( It is a great Enterprise Business Integration Suite. It is based on Java and gives a broad range of configurable operations that can be “glued” together to connect various data sources and consumers. Our experience in the field has led us to discuss such a program internally, but we are most pleased that someone took the case and offers a ready to used solid software.

We currently work on a business migration from one software to another with the help of Mule. Usually, migrating from one system to another is very complex and usually error prone. With Mule ESB it is possible to make the old system temporarily look like the new one, or the new one to look like the old one, thus giving a chance to make the migration step by step. Every manager who has had experiences in this field will make a sigh of relieve! It is just that awesome.

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