Voxel Engines

When Mr. Blank was in his late teens, he already was quite enthusiastic of voxel engines. The expert in the field of 3D engines know the pros and cons of these engines. For example, in medicine technology they are crucial for imaging procedures such as MRT or CT. In the gaming industry they were “interesting”, but couldn’t really convince at the time. Mr. Blank thought, that the intrinsic periodic structure of voxels should give rich possibilities of what we think of a physics engine might be. Little did he know, that finite difference method of physical equations work on the same principals…

Now, in fact about 15 years later, after 9 years of studying mathematics and then 6 years working as entrepeneur, Mr. Blank asked himself, where’s the industry at?

This is a very small and simple collection of links that point to information that he stumbled across. Actually, he uses this site as a personal stash. So you may feel free to look into those links, maybe they are interesting to you too!